Business culture


ENITER, S.A. is a company that manufactures printed technical materials for automatic packaging on reels and in bags, providing its Clients with the most suitable solutions in flexible wrapping for their products. ENITER guarantees objective Food Safety through the use of preventative processes, Quality via its Quality Management System, a fast, flexible Service orientated towards clients, Efficiency through optimisation projects of production process and Innovation through customised, innovative technical solutions.


ENITER, S.A. aims to offer its Clients a comprehensive packaging solution for their products. Always utilising the most advanced technological means while seeking Innovation with its highly qualified team, ENITER, S.A. boasts a sustainable Production System that prioritises Employee job security and Environmental Protection. The company establishes long-term Alliances to offer its Clients competitive advantages.


  • Clients orientation, providing Quality and Service.
  • Capacity for Innovation to meet Clients Needs.
  • Experienced employees and a continuous training plan.
  • Adherence to current legislation on food packaging.
  • Continual incorporation of the latest technological means.
  • Development of efficient working methods.
  • Social corporate responsibility (SCR).